Thomas Jones Synod College, Jowai

Aims and Objectives

1. To provide equality education to the youth of this region, especially those from economically disadvantaged sections of society.
2. To inculcate good moral and ethical values amongst the students of the College that will contribute to the well being of the community and the country as a whole.
3. To build responsible and selfless citizens of the country that are capable of providing dedicated service in any part of the country.
4. To provide as far as possible, education of a higher standard of scholarship and learning that will equip them to face challenges in life and capacitate them to evolve an independent and unbiased outlook towards life.
5. To enable students to become self reliant and independent citizens who are able to sustain themselves as well as contribute in a meaningful way to society.
6. To train students in areas that increases their employability both in the private and public sectors.

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