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Department Of English
The Department of English was introduced in the year 1997, the same year when the College was launched in the pursuit of higher education. From the date of establishment till the year 2004, the Department was able to serve only those student at the Higher Secondary level and others opting for the General (Pass) Course at the Degree level . With the Commencement of 2005, the Honours Course was introduced to the delight and relief of many students. The Department was hugely encouraged during this initial period by the positive response from the student opting for the Honours Course. Besides teaching student textbooks and classics of English Literature prescribed in the syllabus, the faculty member also make a conscious and concerted effort to equip student with the basic skills and fundamentals of communication.
On Completion of their Degree Course from the College, many of our student have gone on to finish their Master's Degree from the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU). Many of them have since joined the teaching profession at both the college and school levels. The Subject prepares students for a career in civil service, administration, management, tourism, advertising and journalism, etc. Because literature deals with life and focuses on a range of human emotions, our student are ideal for employment opportunities which require creativity and self expression.

Department Of Khasi
Department of Khasi at Thomas Jones Synod College is one of the Department which started in 1997, the year that the college was established. At this initial stage, MIL was introduced as a compulsory subject and as Elective Khasi as one of the elective subjects at both the +2 and degree levels. The Honours Course in Khasi was introduced in year 2000. With the introduction of the Course, a large number of students in jaintia Hills, espiacially from Border areas and other remote section of Jaintia Hills, sought admission into the Honours course at the Degree level in the College. Within a short span of four or five years the Department began achieving good results and also produced NEHU toppers in 2009 and 2014.
The Study of Khasi Literature offers a vast amount of scope for exploration in various fields and this is why a large number of scholars and a great deal of research is needed for the development of Khasi Literature. The Honours Course in Khasi provides new inspiration and act as a gateway for the student to pursue their higher studies at the M.Phil, PhD Levels. There is also great scope for research work in Khasi Literature and Language in other fields and Disciplines such as Linguistic, Folkloristics and Cultural Studies. The Department of Khasi not only aim to educate and impart knowledge to the students, but also shoulders the responsibility of moulding students and encouraging them to maintain a good moral character in different aspects of social life in order to face challenges they are faced with from time to time.

Department of Education
The Department of Education was started from 1997. It has been offering 3Year Degree general course. Where as for the Honours Course was started in the year 1997. The Department has continuously ventured into several activities and programmes within and outside the college. The Department is shouldering the the responsibility of imparting knowledge to the students, value, education to the student, acquainting students with the innovative practices in education, as well as preparing the personality development as a whole.
Career and Prospects:
The Department is in a progressing stage and a number of students opt the Honours Course. The Honours Course in education would give new aspiration to students to pursue higher studies and specialization. The Department is also paving the way for various prospectives in the field for Guidance and counselling, adult and continuing education, teaching and the like. They can opt for teaching at the Elementary School, Secondary and the Undergraduate level. Student can continued their B.Ed Course and also can pursue for MA, M.Ed course as well. Students can join the Administration work in the field of Education. Education as the subject inter-related to the discipline such as Philosophy, Psychology and sociology and so on making it relevant to the study of these other discipline the student can take up the same as well.

Department of Political Science
The Department of Political Science began by offering only the Pass course when the college was established in 1997 and introduced the Honours Course only in the year 2002 due to persistent demand from the student of the college. Political Science is one of the various optional subjects offered in the Arts Stream but has always had the highest enrollment among other subject.
The Study of Political Science develops and enables critical thinking abilities in student by encouraging the evaluation of political developments from an observational and theoretical standpoint. Political Science develops skills in research methodology, writing, presentation, public speaking and team work
Avenues and Prospect
Political Science also offer sample scope of employment in careers such as law, policy analysts or advisors in both govermental and non-govermental organizations, civil services, ministry, journalism and teaching in the college or University level.

Department of History
The B.A Pass course in History was introduced with the establishment of the college in 1997 and subsequently in 2002 the college began offering its student the Honours Course.
Students Prospects and Oppurtunities:
As far as the Academic aspect is concerned, the study of History at the Degree Level in either the Pass or Honours Course, is not only an enriching experience for the students but also offers huge scope for further study, especially in the fields of Archaeology, Anthropology, Art and Architecture, Folkloristics, , Musicology, etc. Moreover with the proposal of the UGC to incorporate the History of North East India into the mainstream of Indian History, the scope of research and investigation is further widened. With the emergence of new sub-disciplines such as Environmental History, Militay History, Food History, etc. within History as a subject, students are provided with greater oppurtunities for specialisation. Besides the above, the completion of a Bachelors Degree in History helps students to complete in various competitive exams both at the state and national levels. Above all, employment opportunities also exist in different departments such as the Department of Art and Culture, Archives, Tourism and the like.

Department of Economics
The Department of Economics was started with the inception of the college in 1997. The faculty in the department has the talent and dedication to achieve academic excellence and has been consistently producing good result at the University Examinations.

Department of Philosophy
The Department of Philosophy initially began offering the BA Pass course in 1997, the year in which the college was established and started offering students the Honours Course in 2005. The Department has committed itself to the modest task of imparting quality education to students and now conducts the Honours Course in Philosophy under the newly introduced Semester System. Philosophy is also taken as an Elective subject by students opting for Honours in other subjects.
Prospects of Students
A Guiding, overarching aim of the programme, is to provide students with an appreciation of the value of philosophical enquiry, and with the skills they need for critical engagement in life. Our aim also is to help and equip students with key skills of hamanities education, including morality, responsibility to society, and the ability to write clearly and effectively , to analyze carefully, to reason correctly, to exercise critical judgement, which can be applied in subsequent careers, and to help students develop as independent thinkers and lifelong learners. The course is intended for student who plan their career especially in civil services and also for students who which to pursue their career in law, publishing and journalism.

Department of Environmental Studies
The Department of Environmental Studies was introduced as a general course for both B.A III and B.Com III since the establishment of the college in 1997. In View of its immense important, it becomes compulsory for both streams to attend the course. Even Though it is just a general course, it has benefited the students in many ways.
Environmental Education is an integral part of learning. The Protection of the environment today is the concern of the people all around the globe. The course covers major aspects of environment including types of natural resources - its use and conversation, pollution air, water, soil, noise etc. their control technology, Social issues - Global Warming, Ozone Layer depletion, acid rain, rain water harvesting etc. It also creates awareness about the destruction of environment and measures to conserve and protect it.
In Partial fulfillment to the learning objective of the syllabus , the department has conducting field trip to the student of B.A III and B.Com III recently on 14th of May 2016 to witness the beauty of sacred grove and also learn about its conversation. The said activity shall integrate lessons in the classroom to real life experience.
The Department now a paragon of virtues, diligently abreast its students with vivid environmental aspects, its benefits and hazards. The department also serve the college by imparting knowledge and education to Higher Secondary level students which comprises of class XI and XII both arts and commerce stream since the dawn of the college.
The Department firmly believes that the course offer in the college will benefit the future generation, which is being geared towards environmental protection and exposed to greater awareness, will not be helpless to face these challenges. It has become crucial for students to do their bit regarding conservation of the environment and the department is trying to achieve its goal. Faculty member from Department of Environmental Studies

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