Thomas Jones Synod College, Jowai

Rule and Regulation

Students of Thomas Jones Synod College are expected to take every opportunity to grow in their academic, moral and spiritual life while here in the College campus and also maintain good mannerisms in behaviour and conduct in both personal and interpersonal relationships.

They are also expected to show a strong College spirit by being co-operative with the members of the staff and participating in all College activities.

Students are also expected to show pride in the College by presenting a good image and behaving themselves in public and when travelling.
For their general welfare, students are to observe the following rules and regulations laid down by the College:

1. Ethical:
➢ Students are expected to be on time for their classes and attend classes regularly.
➢ Students are expected to respect the property of the College. Classrooms, benches and desks are to be kept clean. Any kind of writing or carving on desks, walls or any part of the College property is considered an offence and anyone found indulging in such practices shall be penalised.
➢Chewing of Kwai, Pan, Tobacco and Smoking in the College premises is not allowed. Stern action will be taken against anyone indulging in such activities.
➢Do not spit or litter in and around the College campus.
➢Do not throw plastic materials anywhere inside the campus.
➢Students are not allowed to loiter in the corridors and passages during their off periods.
➢Strictly observe hygienic use of urinals and toilets.
➢Taking of alcoholic drinks and drugs is strictly prohibited. Anyone found indulging in these vices will be expelled from the College.
➢While Mobile phones/Tabs may be brought to the College, students are expected to keep these devices in silent mode while in the College campus. However students are not allowed to use their mobile phones inside the classroom. The College takes no responsibility for the loss of Mobile Phones/ Tabs on campus and students not observing these rules will have their mobile phones confiscated.
➢Mobile Phones/ Tabs are not to be brought on Examination days both internal and external examination.
➢Mobile Phones/Tabs may not be used as music/movie/entertainment systems on campus.
➢ Ear-phones / ipods / MP3 / MP4 players are not to be brought to the College.

2. Dress Code:
Students of the College are expected to dress respectably and appropriately when they come to the College. The following code should be adhered to:
➢General appearance and dress of the students must be modest and decent.
➢Hair should be cut appropriately, combed and tidy.
➢Semi-formal / formal footwear is to be worn in the College. Hawaii/Bathroom slippers are not allowed.
➢Boys must wear full-length trousers; shirts/t-shirts must either be half sleeved or full sleeved. T-shirts/Jackets should not have abusive or other offensive language / pictures printed on them.
➢Girls’ blouses should be sleeved, fall well below the waist-line, be modestly cut and not transparent. Girls are not to wear half or mid-length pants.
➢Girls’ dresses/skirts must be of appropriate length.
➢Face rings, nose rings and lip rings are not to be worn. However should girls wear such because of cultural tradition, these should conform strictly to the particular norm.
➢The wearing of earrings by boys is discouraged. Should boys wear earrings because of cultural tradition, these should conform strictly to the particular norms.
➢Caps must not be worn in classroom and should otherwise be removed deferentially when greeting a member of the Staff. Woolen caps may be worn in winter.

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